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Value Based
Wealth Creators

At Callapina, we are obsessed about value creation. Callapina exists to add value to entrepreneurs in growing their business, through a combination of capital, strategy and discipline. Our hands-on approach, high value network and long term view makes us ideal partners for the select few entrepreneurs that we chose to work with. We believe systematic value creation leads to transparent wealth creation.


What We Do


We invest in early stage startups (typical ticket size $100-250k, sector agnostic, focus on Indian companies and founders),  lead seed to pre-series A rounds

Investor Community

We have built our own investor community from scratch over the last 10y (with 150+ individual investors globally), that you can join and learn from osmosis - sign up on SupremeYield

Portfolio Management

We strive to continuously add value to our portfolio companies by supporting on growth strategy, go-to-market, hiring,  marketing, business development, PR, legal, fundraise planning

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