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Why Callapina

Since 2010, we have been surrounded by entrepreneurs - a rare breed of humans with long term vision, high creative energy and passionate about making an impact in the world. These interactions have shaped our thinking and outlook towards life. 

We therefore also understand their pain points quite well, especially when it comes to raising capital. In an effort to give back and find our own place in the world, we have decided to solve their capital needs to the extent possible. we started our journey as angel investors, which evolved into syndication via an investor community that grew around us to now a early stage fund. We focus on grounded, gritty founders who are solving critical problems for the society.

In addition to being the GP team for Callapina Capital Fund I, Anas runs Hurun India and Vinod co-founded Konglo Ventures.

Meet Our Advisory Team


Rupert Hoogewerf

Founder, Hurun Report


Kamath Raveendranath

Founder, NextEducation


George Brody

Founder, GlobeRanger

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