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"We are early stage, sector agnostic" - I have repeated this countless times over the years, but what does that mean? 😊

When we started our investment journey, our guiding principle was simple: support Indian startups at an early stage where our limited capital could make a significant difference. This approach led us to become early-stage and sector agnostic investors by design, not limiting ourselves to any specific industry or domain. The rationale was clear; in a landscape like India's, where innovation and potential are bursting across sectors, limiting our scope from the onset could mean missing out on groundbreaking opportunities.

Over the years, this openness has allowed us to explore a diverse array of companies—indeed, a wild mix!—that could be potentially financed by venture capital. This vast exposure was not just a matter of chance but a strategic choice to understand and appreciate the breadth of innovation happening across the Indian startup ecosystem.

However, as we delved deeper and our experience grew, certain preferences started to emerge. Our views on markets and trends began to take shape, enhancing our ability to recognize patterns that signal higher probabilities of success. This evolution in our thought process reflects a transition from a broad, open-ended approach to a more nuanced understanding of what makes a startup likely to succeed.

Although it's challenging to distill this multifaceted approach into a simple framework, we've made an attempt to categorize our investments based on common angles or plays that have emerged over time. This categorization isn't exhaustive but serves as a starting point to explain our thought process and investment focus.

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