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Callapina Fund-1 Portfolio Update #1

After a decade of Angel & Syndicate investing in the Indian startup ecosystem, writing over 20 cheques and securing 4 exits, We’re proud to announce the launch of Callapina Capital - our maiden Venture Capital fund.

The vision for Callapina is to fund early stage startups with cheques ranging between $100K to $250K. We are sector-agnostic and want to back exceptional Indian entrepreneurs building value & tech-driven companies exhibiting strong traction and early signs of product-market fit.

Our overall bet is on India and Indian founders and we seek to engage at the pre-seed, seed, and pre-series A stages, with a preference to lead the investment round.

Callapina Capital Fund I went live on January 4, 2023 with a LP base consisting of 70+ individuals, mostly Indian diaspora, with a mix of professionals, senior executives in corporates, business owners and startup founders - we are very proud to have come full circle with three of our angel portfolio company founders who are now our LPs!

Over the past 9 months, we’ve screened over 600+ companies and are investing ~$1.5m in 6 companies, thus deploying 40%+ of the investable capital. Although the funding winter has slowed down investments in general across the ecosystem, we continue to see resilient and passionate entrepreneurs building high value and profitable businesses for India & the World.

Adding a summary of the funded companies below:


(1) Brightpay | FinTech | B2C: Addressing predatory healthcare financing where transactions are done using credit cards leaving a hole in the pocket of consumers with hidden fees and very high interest rates by building a Care now, Pay later platform connecting healthcare providers and lenders. High- Impact startup solving a pressing need with decent traction.

(2) Healthbasix | HealthTech | B2B SaaS: A comprehensive School Healthcare provider addressing the gap in providing cohesive health records for children by providing on-site healthcare support and a digital health record to schools. The platform ensures that healthcare assessments are conducted in a timely and efficient manner with the data staying in one place, making it easy for the school to maintain and access records. Highly experienced founding team building a scalable product in a growing preventive healthcare market.

(3) Neverinstall | Cloud OS | B2B SaaS: Building a cloud platform that gives users the power to access and run native desktop apps over the web through a browser bringing forth an effortless and efficient process. Strong vision of moving all client-side computation to the cloud powered by cutting edge streaming tech and distributed cloud orchestration. Strong founding and technical team with an impactful vision.

(4) Whatmore | Ad-Tech | B2B SaaS: Platform elevating e-commerce businesses with AI-driven content creation and immersive video shopping experiences. Enabling DTC brands to boost conversion rate and reduce CAC from their e-commerce websites through Video-Shopping touchpoints embedded on the website. Strong user and revenue traction with high product adoption and stickiness. Young and experienced team with a crystal clear vision and product strategy.

(5) ProduxAI | AI | B2B SaaS: Product intelligence platform that integrates with all customer feedback channels and generates insights for building an accurate product roadmap. Highly experienced and technical team with a previous stint scaling until its acquisition by ZoomInfo.

(6) Sastra Robotics | Robotics | B2B: Robotic solutions for human-like automated functional testing of real physical devices used by OEM’s and Service Providers to expedite test cycles and reduce the time-to-market for their products. Experienced and resilient founder who has cracked large deals with prominent OEMs and Service Providers and is now successfully expanding into global markets.

With over 4 more exciting deals in the pipeline, we are hoping to close the year with 8 total investments!


Vinod Jose Anas Rahman Junaid

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